Thursday, October 17, 2013

I made another curry!  I should probably re-title this blog, "Culinary Expeditions of a Fulbrighter in Sri Lanka."  This time, it was a chicken curry with cinnamon sticks and cardamom in addition to the roasted curry powder, turmeric, and curry leaves.  Amazingly, it was even more delicious than the first curry.  For dessert I mashed up some microwaved butternut squash with butter and salt.  And for second dessert, an orange.  I make do with what I have. 

I have rediscovered curd, and it is better than ever.  I'm not sure how curd is made, but it's a dairy product similar in taste and texture to Greek yogurt.  Paired with kithul treacle (a syrupy product of the kithul tree), curd is exceptionally delightful.  Unfortunately, my fridge is broken.  It's not nearly as cold in there as it should be, so all my dairy and meat products are going in the slightly colder freezer.  With my big tub of melted strawberry ice cream.  Breaks my heart.

In other news, I made a friend(!) in my Sinhala conversation class and she invited me to an exercise class in the park.  So on my day off of dance, I dragged my exhausted backside to the park dreading the exercise but hoping to make more friends.  By the end of the class, my red Mathnasium t-shirt was drenched (shout-out!) but I had some new potential friend material.  I feel like a wild Sri Lankan leopard stalking my friend-prey and waiting a socially acceptable amount of time to pounce on the opportunity for a coffee date. 

I'm keeping busy enough to keep from being homesick most of the time.  However, there are some aspects of life here that get to me at times.  Like tiny biting ants all over everything in my apartment.  Or tuk tuk drivers who can't get a hint that I'm not in a talking kind of mood.  Or being sweaty all. the. time.  But despite these inconveniences, this place is starting to feel like home.

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